Teens and Acne

Solutions for Your Acne Struggles


A licensed Aesthetician since 1993, acne challenges with my own skin led me to aesthetics and European skin care techniques that achieve long-term results. It's been a pleasure teaching good skin care practices to my clients and seeing their amazing results.

All of my facial treatments are individually customized and start with a methodical analysis of your skin. If clients are under care of a doctor, I enforce dermatology protocols for optimal results and reinforce the importance of compliance and home care.

Purifying Cleansing Facial
The perfect solution to prevent acne blemishes and monthly eruptions. This facial prepares skin for extractions and ends with a soothing calming mask.
$75 adults
$65 teens

Acne Lift
A 20% blend of salicylic acid and glycolic acid. The perfect treatment for acne suffers.
$65 / series of six treatments $250

Back Treatments
Customized treatments for this hard to reach area.
$70 - $100